Dioramic歌曲:Ghosts In The Machine歌词


Dioramic歌曲:Ghosts In The Machine歌词

最近小编在刷抖音的时候刷到一首非常好听的歌《Ghosts In The Machine》,下面就由嘛歌词(www.mageci.com)小编来为大家介绍下这首歌和它的完整歌词。


Ghosts In The Machine歌曲介绍



Ghosts In The Machine歌词

Rage Against The Machine--Born As Ghosts
The hills find a peace
Locked armed guard posts
Safe from the screams
Of the children born as ghosts
Gates guns and alarms
Shape the calm of the dawn
Peering down into the basin
Where death lives on
Where young run foaming at the mouth with hate
Where burning batons beat the freezing who shake
Under the toxic sunsets they dine and toast
Their walls deny the terror faced by the children
Born as ghosts
Born as ghosts
One book and forty ghosts
Stuffed in a room
The school as a tomb
Where home is a wasteland
Take the razor wire
And thought is locked in the womb
The tales that tear at the myth of the dream
A suffering that shocks the lives off the screen
Born as ghosts


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