John Legend歌曲:Let s Get Lifted Again歌词


John Legend歌曲:Let s Get Lifted Again歌词

最近小编在刷抖音的时候刷到一首非常好听的歌《Let s Get Lifted Again》,下面就由嘛歌词(小编来为大家介绍下这首歌和它的完整歌词。


Let s Get Lifted Again歌曲介绍



Let s Get Lifted Again歌词

Little Black Dress - Sara Bareilles
LRC by Mr.Lei QQ:395254794
Okay I can see it now it’s all the same thing
Just different wrapping around it
No need to soften your words, they’re still gonna hurt
So don’t pull punches
I tried to be everything you’d ever want
And sometimes I even stood on my heart and stomped
Now I’m finally alone and dressed for the show
But going nowhere
They don’t need to see me crying
I’ll get my little black dress on
And if I put on my favorite song
I’m gonna dance until you’re all gone
I’ll get my little black dress on
You came lifted me up but then you dropped a hurricane
Now I’m fighting to find the ground again, to steady my feet
Get up off my knees and just remember
That I am more than just somebody’s puppet
I can find the cord and then I’ll cut it
I stand a pretty good chance to dust myself off and dance
I’ll get my litt


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